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Obviously I haven't trained in every shoe on the planet, so I'm gunna give you what I think about the others I've seen

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What is the best parkour shoe for parkour?! There are so many different kinds. Well here are the things to look for when getting shoes for parkour training. You may


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Here you ll find the best selection of Parkour shoes, Trail Running Shoes, and shoes for free running Find the perfect pair for your needs

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Parkour Shoes Grip Comfort Durability Rating; K-SWISS Ariake III: The best grip for city running by far. Trail running is good but not great. Awesome for wall runs

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Browse through a wide selection of the best parkour, fivefingers, and trail running shoes. At these shoes are designed to give you the best

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Parkour Shoes Pro is the best source for accurate information and reviews when it comes to buying the best parkour shoes! Learn more about parkour here

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Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from A to B in the most efficient way

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Parkour shoes 2015. 1. New Balance 402 2. Puma Future 3. Saucony 4. Onitsuka Tiger Serrano 5. Adidas Adistar Racer 6. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81.92Tags

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Parkour on with the right training . Well, there are several forms of running and training that one does tend to confuse one with the other. Parkour and free running

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A guide to the best parkour shoes, apparel, and gear. Find recommendations, new products, and read reviews to find what is best for you